Havana Beach Club (Rosemary Beach)


IMG_7874 Rosemary Beach has literally found "The Pearl" of its oyster. The luxury hotel, opened just this past year, has the most exquisite architecture (see featured image on the home page) and atmosphere.

Havana Beach Club, one of The Pearl's three dining options, is inspired by Cuba with gorgeous greenery, eclectic seating, and beautiful patio views. Alex and I stepped in on Sunday morning for the brunch, which frankly made us feel as though we were vacationing in the Caribbean. I'll take that feeling any day!


With an extra hot cappuccino in hand (although the mimosas looked wonderful), I ordered the smoked salmon bagel. The plate arrived like an art piece. I am all about presentation, and this one pleased me much. The rose-shaped salmon was a generous helping, and the sliced tomatoes with capers draped the bottom right corner of the plate. I only wish I could have applied the whipped cream cheese myself, since I prefer a light spread! Luckily, the bagel was perfectly toasted and still warm when served. Delicious.

Alex went with a traditional "Eggs Your Way;" not only was a cheesy scramble served, but also a platter of extra crispy bacon, a housemade biscuit (with whipped butter and strawberry jam on the side), country potatoes, and breakfast sausage. Oh, and two tiny roasted yellow tomatoes! It was a beautiful spread -- my only criticism being the slightly undercooked potatoes (we wanted more crisp!).


You'll be very pleased with Havana's Sunday brunch, and I have heard that their dinner menu knocks it out of the park as well. Thank you for a fabulous finale to my Fourth of July weekend!