Strawberry Almond Cobbler in a Box


You're already skeptical. A cobbler in a box? Now, please turn off the imagined visuals of Pillsbury and Betty Crocker brownie boxes from your grocery aisle and listen up. This box, crafted by Chef Jenny McCoy, is providing pastries in a far more gourmet way. IMG_9758

An authority on baking and pastry, Jenny McCoy has created dessert menus for such leading restaurants as Tom Colicchio’s Craft and Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans establishments. In 2011, she received the prestigious NYC Rising Star Pastry Chef award. McCoy is currently an Institute of Culinary Education instructor, Almond Board of California spokesperson, and a contributor to Serious Eats and the Huffington Post.

Jenny offered to gift me a few sample boxes to test in my new kitchen. Of course I said yes! My own boxes of bread pudding and almond cobbler mixes soon arrived in sweet small brown boxes with easy-to-follow instructions and expert advice on substitutions and recipe enhancements. I completed prep in under five minutes (cutting strawberries, measuring buttermilk. . .) and had that baby in the oven within ten minutes of opening the box. Mind-blowing, right?

As Jenny shares, “Instant gratification comes from creating something from start to finish in a matter of minutes. But even more gratifying is sharing it with someone else.”

The collection clearly makes baking world class desserts a reality for bakers with any level of experience. My mind continues to wander to the daunting task of Thanksgiving desserts after a main course of turkey and unending side dishes. . .With this high-quality pastry mix, no one would ever have to know Jenny did half the work for you (and I won't spoil the secret either). Plus, you no longer have an excuse not to bake!

Since it is impossible to mimic the sweet, nutty crumble and sweet strawberries without Jenny's gourmet ingredient pouches, I will share photos and encourage you to get a box for yourself exclusively at Crate + Barrel. Did I mention they'd make great gifts? Well, they would. Especially for holidays.