Unwind with Spiced Vanilla Earl Grey Tea

Today begins the final weekend before Christmas and our entrance into a new year. Whoa. I am already in the full swing of holiday celebrations with back-to-back-to-back Chanukah dinners and a festive company holiday party on Monday. I'm finding myself dizzy from the nonstop dreidel spinning and plates full of home-cooked food! Tomorrow morning before I tote Alex's gifts to Arkansas for an annual Christmukkah lake house event, I will wake up, prepare myself a hot cup of tea, and contemplate: on the year past, on the year ahead, and on the overwhelming emotions of grasping this so-called "real world." Reality is finally setting in; the hopeful feeling of an extended winter break from college is dwindling. And rather than looking to 2015 as my first full year of independent living and decision-making with dread, I will make the most of it. I love my city of Memphis, more than I ever thought I could.

Won't you join me in unwinding with a cup of tea and resolution-writing? Happy holidays, and happy weekend.


2 cups milk 2 satchels earl grey tea 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise 4 black cardamom pods Honey, to taste

1. Place milk in a small saucepan on stove top.

2. Scrape vanilla seeds from pod. Add to pan with vanilla and cardamom pods.

3. Bring to low boil, then turn off heat.

4. Add tea satchels. Steep for 10 minutes.

5. Strain vanilla bean pod and cardamom pods.

6. Pour milk tea into two Paper & Clay mugs. Add honey. Enjoy with some scones by the fire.

recipe inspired by camille styles

These fresh and fabulous ingredients were made possible by The Fresh Market. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!