The Smith (New York City)

IMG_7820 I firmly believe in savoring breakfast -- labeled the most important meal of the day for a reason -- especially when it's a weekday morning egg scramble or poached-style toast ritual. But on a weekend at The Smith in New York City, the classic egg dish is amplified to a cast-iron lobster frittata or a poached egg avocado toast. That, my friends, is a proper American brunch. And that brunch should, indeed, be experienced right here.


We were seated by a floor-length window with beautiful views of Midtown scenes and pedestrians. Though locals complained about the "heat wave" overwhelming Manhattan, a sunny and 82-degree forecast was more than appreciated by my family, who is still learning to manage the heavy humidity of Memphis.

The breezy, brunchy vibe transmitted from tables to waiters, who kindly delivered individually-wrapped packages of crusty bread with whipped butter to accompany our dozen ice cold oysters on the half shell.


The lobster frittata special, while cooked through more than I typically prepare, highlighted slices of buttery brie, blistered cherry tomatoes, and quite impressive servings of fresh lobster. The portion was delightful, especially when served in a piping hot skillet. If only this could be translated into a weekday morning pre-work breakfast...!


The avocado toast with poached egg and frisée was clearly a home run, and the ahi tuna and lobster salads were refreshingly light compared to our Il Mulino feast the evening beforehand. Light-as-air fennel slices and crisp hericot verts were fantastic additions to fresh seafood, which would satisfy any summer palate. The bold colors across our table reflected a colorful, comprehensive menu I'd recommend to any tourist or NYC local. The Smith was simply, utterly wonderful.

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