Bounty on Broad Brunch (Memphis)

The past four days have been a bit of a blur, as I managed to lug every furniture piece, kitchen gadget and clothing article from the apartment to my new house in Downtown Memphis. 95-degree weather tempted our patience, but friends and family diligently pushed through to bring the new space together beautifully, like effortless magic. Ashley York Binkley is gracefully styling and coordinating the interiors, which Ashleigh Peak will capture through her Well Worn Co. lens next week. I cannot wait to give you a full tour in the coming days. Until then, I hope the iPhone social media snaps suffice! A traditional Aldo’s pizza picnic on the kitchen floors commenced on Friday evening after successfully closing on the property. Though once we hit Sunday morning, our tensed muscles did not stand a chance on the concrete. My family instead treated me to a brunch spread at Bounty, complete with six must-try seasonal favorites. I’m tempted to test these out in the coming weekends, where I will (surprisingly) soak up as much of Memphis as possible versus traveling.

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The shrimp salad stole my heart (and a majority of space on my shared plate). Avocado crema graced the bottom of the bowl with plump pink shrimp, zucchini, arugula, yellow heirloom tomatoes, and fragrant olive oil. I plan to buy these ingredients at the now next-door farmers market and make a rendition next week. I’ll share the recipe if successful!

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Smoky potato hash with fried duck egg, smoked bacon and haricot verts was wonderfully light on the palate. I am used to extra greasy, dense hash browns with too much seasoning, but these were simple and additive to the rest of the dishes. I’m still in hysterics after my sister was turned down when she asked for ketchup—Bounty’s ingredients are so authentic, Heinz cannot be found in the building!

The scrambled eggs with garden vegetable and shaved parmesan were fluffily fabulous. You could just tell that these eggs were well watched over the heat by the chef downstairs. I need to learn Chef Jackson Kramer’s technique for my morning routine!

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Most notably were, in fact, the simplest of them all: peaches and blueberries with shaved almonds and crème fraiche. The platter was an eye-pleaser and palate refresher to open and/or close the meal.

Now, off to plan a brunch of my own!

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