Heirloom Tomato Benedict with Lump Crab

It's time for brunch. What to prepare? You're in luck. I tasked myself with a challenge to reimagine Southern brunch without the heavy grits or hollandaise. Don't get me wrong--those ingredients are incomparable in many instances. Though in my opinion, nothing beats the benedict with heirloom green tomato and lump crab, two super fresh finds at the farmers market. 12a

I bake my eggs in the oven for a crowd; and it proves to prevent hostess stress time and time again. Preheat the oven to 300. Fill each muffin tin cup with a tablespoon of water and gently cracked egg. Bake for 12 minutes, until whites are set but yolks are runny!


Click here for a simple and sophisticated recipe for your next brunch soirée. If you're in Memphis and lacking the motivation to bake biscuits from scratch (with which I completely empathize), I recommend picking up a dozen from Midtown Muddy's. Find further entertaining tips in my Southern-inspired Camille Styles feature.

P.S. These plates are Paper & Clay, and I l-o-v-e them. Photos by Ashleigh Peak.