Breakfast Bowl Diaries

12068845_899777026771017_1949849985042128004_o It's only fitting that I share an authentic glimpse of the daily grind: my morning breakfast bowl. Sometimes it's two scrambled eggs with folded low-fat ricotta, or an avocado mashed on wheat toast. Though lately, I've coveted the craft of breakfast bowls.

The base is standard, though the toppings are seasonal and, frankly, spontaneously up to you. The healthy balance of fruits, grains, and fibers kick start a spunky, productive morning.

First, I take plain, non-fat greek yogurt and mix in a teaspoon of Nature Nate's unfiltered, raw honey. It's just sweet enough to offset the naturally tangy tartness. Lately, I've been addicted to Fresh Market's signature french vanilla granola. I snagged a bag of Trader Joe's sweetened shredded coconut when I was in Atlanta last month. Fruits vary from fresh blueberries to frozen peaches or dried black mission figs.

What do you add to your breakfast bowl? Please share!