A Letter to Memphis


Dear Memphis,

Today, which is simply known as September 1st everywhere else, is all about you.

Your rushing River is my front yard, and your booming Downtown is my backyard.

Your energy consumes me and pushes me to think bigger than I ever thought I could.

Your authenticity keeps me grounded, and your warmth keeps me passionate.

Your people are my family, my colleagues and my role models.

You don't get as much credit as you deserve, and that selflessness transmits through your people.

You host dialogues that other cities haven't initiated.

You embrace the gritty history that isn't fully realized or appreciated elsewhere.

You open doors and pave new paths.

You exemplify "and" rather than "but."

You welcome creativity and purpose behind each interaction and initiative.

You accept there's more work to do, but you applaud the limitless list of accomplishments.

Your food is phenomenal.

You will forever be my home. And I will forever be your concierge.

You're good to me. And I promise to be good to you.

Happy 901 Day.

Sincerely, Cara

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