A New Years Morning Brunch


I prefer to start the new year on the right foot by sharing a meal with close friends. Whether they're your neighbors or out-of-town guests, a leisurely morning will guarantee the right frame of mind for the year ahead.

Upon building the menu, I had a thought. Setting resolutions for healthy living and eating is a priority for me, of course, but why not begin our personal promises on January 2?!

Cue the beignets and cinnamon rolls.

No prep work is required,  as every selected menu item of this meal is prepared or ordered prior to New Years Eve. If you're feeling ambitious, I applaud you; however, in this case, your late night out (at least after the clock strikes twelve) will not intrude on morning-after plans!



  • Champagne with grapefruit juice
  • Cinnamon rolls with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
  • Beignets with powdered sugar
  • Mixed berries

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls will never disappoint, but I called upon my chef friend Josh Steiner to whip up eight extra-large rolls for me. We placed them in a Casafina chip-and-dip serving piece, allowing the cinnamon cream cheese frosting to take center stage. Guests can choose the portion size of the sweet glaze.

If you'd like to go to the homemade route, I absolutely love Erin McDowell's recipe...


If you did not divulge in too much champagne the evening before, my very favorite bottle is a Brut Rosé by Nicholas Feuillatte. We received a bottle at my and Alex's recent wedding shower and opted to save it for a special occasion such as this one.


I live around the block from the historic Arcade diner, so their to-go beignets worked flawlessly! If you live in New Orleans, I am jealous.

Below the beignet display, we arranged assorted berries for a pop of color (and health). If berries aren't looking their best, I also recommend a bruléed grapefruit display -- use a broiler or kitchen torch to caramelized sugar atop each half.


A take-home mini bottle of champagne for each great puts a celebratory marker on the year ahead. Have fun with personal tags, my favorite of which is displayed below...

Happy New Year!