Wedding Floral Highlights


The transition from vision to reality does not typically carry ease, much less perfection.

My mother Sheril, who has built her career in wedding and event planning, had her priority list for our wedding day decor; and I, of course, had mine! My more minimalist choices and preferences for lack of color might have made mom's eyes roll at one point...her love for floral details and flourishes was important to convey throughout the weekend affair. Nonetheless, one afternoon last September, we sat down with the team of Holliday Flowers & Events to share and spill our wedding decor wishes, which took the forms of sketches, tear sheets of wedding magazines over the years. We had insane aspirations to build a three-foot-tall stage over Temple Israel's foyer fountain to display our chuppah, and we wanted to drape warehouse walls and suspend Edison bulbs above specific farm tables...

...Our vision was not a check-the-boxes list.

Not only did Holliday deliver our dream; they revamped and refined it with practicality and expertise.

To be clear, this florist does not just do flowers. This florist builds ladder displays for olive oil place card bottles. This florist takes a wedding logo and suggests creating a 6-foot moss bar-back installation. This florist brings a wedding cake to life with winding greenery and olive leaves. This florist masks a musician's stage legs with innovative wood panels. This florist wires Edison bulbs through suspended wood ladders with woven greenery--each of which was meticulously placed over aligning farm tables. This florist conceptualizes a stage inside of a synagogue foyer fountain with the most stunning custom-built birch chuppah you've ever seen. And this florist strings hundreds of lights from the Temple foyer rooftop, rigging points that no one else could have found.

I cannot express the feeling of excitement when Alex and I were led behind Propcellar's garage doors into the reception hall for a first look at Holliday's execution. They went above and beyond; and for that, we are so grateful.

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