'Somebody Loaves' You from The Liquor Store


If you know me well or, at the least, follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I prefer bread and cheese over chocolate any day of the week. So, when brainstorming a food-focused Valentine's Day DIY that speaks true the holiday while also speaking true to my heart, I found the perfect solution. I called Ali Rohrbacher at The Liquor Store, Memphis' impeccable liquor store-turned retro diner with creative cocktails and most immaculate homemade breads and pastries in town.

Ali is the in-house baker, whose biscuits pile high and pop-tart pastries bring back the ultimate nostalgia. With her science-driven baking expertise, Ali's passion is felt in every slice and bite. She crafted a special loaf for this collaborative occasion -- a dark chocolate and cherry twisted loaf -- that will truly blow your mind. It's elegant and original, sweet yet not overwhelming to the bread-lover.


A wonderful treat to gift on Valentine's Day, this gorgeous braided loaf appears especially appropriate when wrapped in gold and white twine and tagged with my new favorite line, "Somebody Loaves You!"

The recipe yields two loaves, so perhaps you can give one to a loved one and keep the other for yourself...

Step into The Liquor Store kitchen with me and Ali!