Ten Truths


The power of social media and its ability to humanize and connect brands and people and experiences fascinates me. Sure, we can discuss the negative effects, of which there are many—but I personally value and appreciate the friendships and conversations that arise from our feeds and follows.

Both my blog and I become better because of these social media-rooted relationships that most often always grow into something more.

However, I realize that while I am lucky to know so many Instagram faces and blog followers, I make too many assumptions on my background! So, for those of you just getting to know me or whom I've been honored to know since the beginning of this website, here's a glimpse of facts that will provide better context for my content. Or, in the least, they're a conversation starter, right?


1. My blog began as a class project. PR Writing 317 at University of Texas at Austin assigned the following: Turn in a private URL on any 4-post topic series. Caramelized was born, (I think) graded an A, and continued from that point forward. Here we are, six years later.

2. I had never really eaten pork (besides bacon) until college. Why? Because I’m the rabbi’s daughter. It’s fairly hard to believe considering the volume of charcuterie I consume, but it’s the truth.

3. Alex and I met at Jewish summer camp. Think “Wet Hot American Summer,” deep-South style in the middle-of-nowhere Mississippi. You can only imagine. But it’s the greatest place.

4. My career at DCA is a huge part of my identity—and while it doesn’t show through Caramelized channels, it’s the majority of my time and focus and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

5. I could do away with anything sweet for the rest of my life as long as a baguette and cheese board are within reach.

6. I tell my mom and grandma everything. My mom is the most authentic, driven, selfless friend who won't hesitate to tell me my shoes look terrible with the dress—or text me that it's been too many days since I've published a recipe on Instagram. My grandma, her mother, is the non-judgy, light-hearted listener over the phone. And in light of Mother’s Day, I got to publicly thank my grandma for her inspiration on Southern Living here.

7. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. It’s so odd, I know. The trip is part of the creative process for me. It’s dangerous in some regard, but I shop with my eyes. I uncover recipe ideas and pairings I couldn’t have visualized without the produce options before me. I only wish I had more time for it.

8. I sing and play guitar. I'm grateful for my dad's genes of good pitch and I learned how to play in elementary school from my camp counselor who, coincidentally, is Alex’s cousin. Live performances aren’t my preference unless asked of by my family or Temple congregation, but I do enjoy a good Fleetwood Mac or stripped-down cover.

9. I’m an early bird. It’s my quiet time to make shit happen.

10. I did not want to own a pet whatsoever. My first and only other dog ownership experience was at age 11 when I purchased a Shih Tzu with earnings from my pre-teen jewelry business Beadz Mania (yes, with a "z"). The pup ended up moving in with our babysitter. Clearly, however, Sawyer is the greatest gift Alex and I could have hoped for!