The Secret to Extra-Smooth Skin


I cringe at the thought of my Clarisonic college days, when I would attempt to prevent and treat acne by obsessing over exfoliators, toners and trendy products my sorority sisters would bring into our communal bathrooms!

And though I’m drawn to beautiful product branding and consume social media recommendations for the next-hottest skincare product, I’m at a stage in my twenties when preventative, medically-prescribed regiments are my priority.

My holistic skin healthcare providers at Levy Dermatology are my go-to for everything skin-related. It’s refreshing to have a one-stop shop practice with the highest credibility. Dr. Levy, who is renowned locally for skin cancer surgery and is Memphis’ only Allergan trainer, leads a growing team of providers, nurses, and estheticians who take skincare seriously (and professionally).


I visit Lauren Plyler for general derm. needs and skincare prescriptions since, indeed, acne is a real thing; and she also is a Botox queen. I visit Lulu Martin for routine facials and waxing and, yes, the occasional spray tan.

Amy Person, Lauren Plyler’s RN, has been alongside my skincare journey these past six months, where I’ve seen sustainable improvements to the tone and texture of my skin. Now that she understands my skin’s needs, patterns, and allergies (Benzoyl Peroxide products and I do not mix), Amy has introduced me to the newest feature of Levy’s practice (and to the Memphis market!) — Vivace!

Photos by Christen Jones


The Vivace experience is a two-in-one treatment for improved skin texture, tone and tightening, combining extra precise micro-needling with radio-frequency (heat) to stimulate collagen and elastin production. AKA your face feels like a baby’s bottom.

There are two settings in the technology — one for skin texture/tightening (red) and one for acne scarring and zapping (blue). The gold-set insulated needles are extremely precise and make the 30-40-minute procedure painless (I promise!) — partially because of a numbing cream that Amy massaged into my skin for 20 minutes. And after a cooling peppermint mask, the downtime is essentially zero.


Guess what? Amy is giving away a Vivace treatment ($750 value!!) to one lucky Caramelized winner! GO enter on Instagram before the end of the weekend.

This post is sponsored by Levy Dermatology. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!