Everyday Ways to Elevate Meals with Vitamix


Now that warmer temps are in full swing, it’s time to spice up our everyday gatherings with new, elevated flavor combinations. Don’t let “elevated” intimidate you, though, as it doesn’t necessarily require more work. If anything, my tips make your meals and summertime dining smoother—literally.

The Certified Reconditioned Venturist V1200 is the latest addition to my kitchen, and it’s already making its mark from morning ‘til night. The powerful blender and food processor has a 64-ounce container for larger portions of puréed delicacies, along with a super convenient 20-ounce container cup for small batches on-the-go. For example, I can make just enough salad dressing (scroll for my recipe) to bring along in the 20-ounce to a friend’s home to toss and serve. And did you know that, for either size container, you can pop it directly into the dishwasher? No need to navigate hand-washing those nooks and crannies.

All reconditioned products, including the Venturist, go through a 17-point checklist process — so you don’t need to question its accuracy. Features of my new favorite appliance include the pulse feature with variable speed control. You can also use the built-in timer, so there’s no need to guess. Just set it and go! The Venturist even has built-in wireless connectivity. Next-level for a next-level recipe, right?

Scroll for my everyday ways to elevate your meals with Vitamix, from lunch to dinner and those critical snacks in between! Grab your own Certified Reconditioned Venturist V1200 today; it’ll be your new best friend in the kitchen (trust me!).

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How to upgrade your meal prep with a bold salad dressing.

Lunch on-the-go or at our desks is the new normal, but the routine shouldn’t undercut our ability to get creative in the process. Alongside a series of spring salads for weekday lunch—which I top with a soft boiled-egg, edamame, and rotating protein—a rich and bold green goddess dressing is the perfect finishing touch to the assembly line. I used my Vitamix Venturist’s variable speed control to completely chop up the fresh herbs and combine smoothly with the tahini, dairy-free base. Portion your batch of green goddess in individual containers to accompany a seasonal salad mix.

Photos by Erin Mosher

Photos by Erin Mosher


How to elevate your snack game with crudités and tapenade.

Especially in warmer weather, cooling off with crudîtes is my go-to afternoon apertif. These days, I’m pairing my raw radishes, jicama, and rainbow carrots with a bold yet versatile blend of olives with garlic, fresh herbs and extra salty capers. The spread is less expected (and more appreciated) than pre-packaged hummus or ranch; and with one whirl of your Vitamix, you’ll taste the difference of homemade. If you have leftovers, thin out the recipe with olive oil to create a beautiful vinaigrette base for grilled fish or salad.


How to spice up your skewers with a tangy dipping sauce

This time of year, the grill takes the main stage for al fresco dinners and group get-togethers. I’m challenging the spotlight, however, with this dreamy dipping sauce, whose sweet heat and nutty flavors will easily prompt you to double-dip. We won’t judge.


Treat yourself to the Certified Reconditioned Venturist V1200! You won’t be sorry.

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