Hash House A Go Go (San Diego)


It's a given that girls weekends are the key to keeping sanity in the whirlwind of school work, internships and career-planning; and when Brenna suggested a weekend at her condo in Coronado, California...well, that sounded simply perfect.

While the weather did not cooperate, we managed to find the eatery gems in La Jolla, Coronado, Carlsbad, San Diego, Point Loma, and Del Mar without trouble. Hannah took the most beautiful photos, a few of which I'm sharing here!

Fresh acai bowls, sea salt chocolate chip cookies, coffee ice cream and Sprinkles cupcakes satisfied our sweet tooth in between meals. And when I say meals, I mean FEASTS.

there's nothing like a sprinkles cupcake. top left [red velvet] was my favorite!

I'll critique True Food Kitchen, our Friday night dinner, in my next post. For now, I'll give you a taste (HA, no pun intended) of my other meals in Cali.

a sneak peek of true foods kitchen

At Hash House Ago Go on Saturday morning, I couldn't keep my jaw closed. If you thought your meals were ever portioned too large, I dare you to come to this breakfast spot in Hillcrest. The plates are approximately 2 feet in diameter. Does that give you an idea?  I was in constant disbelief.

We ordered a few plates to pass around and share. Hot sticky granola with mango and berries was my favorite of the three. But we couldn't go wrong with the brown butter banana pancake; which, in case you were wondering, was the largest pancake I've ever seen. I also loved the smoked salmon scramble with spinach, tomatoes and melted Brie. Delish.

hot. sticky. granola.

I lucked out in the shopping category as well - California is surely blessed with beautiful boutiques and stores. I left with a flirty red dress from Theory (perfect for the upcoming Valentine's holiday, yes?), a Lauren Moshi blush sweater with a hand painted white flower and a mint Lululemon pullover jacket.

The sun finally peeked out for us over the Point Loma harbor during lunch yesterday.  After a simple crab sandwich (lump crab meat on sourdough, can't go wrong with that) we took a few photos to prove that we did, in fact, see some sunshine.

Now, I'm back in Austin and back to reality. But, indeed, I feel lucky. Lucky to have such incredible friends and spontaneous experiences that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my college journey and beyond.

California was surely a sweet touch to my spring semester. I'm looking forward to crossing off more items on my college bucket list: restaurants, trips, adventures, the works!

I would love to hear any ideas for your (and perhaps, mine) bucket lists this Spring! Share away.

Happy Monday!