Icon Launch Party


Being a public relations student in Austin, Texas couldn't be more perfect. The scene is innovative, thrilling and creative - a flawless forum for applying my studies.

I was lucky enough to begin working for Icon in early November, when McGarrah Jessee posted an available marketing intern position for their "start up friends."  Little did I realize that I would quickly be thrown into a whirlwind of social media strategies, press outreach and party planning.

To say the least, I've loved the ride and constant spontaneity of being the PR specialist of a start up company.  Icon, a digital business card that aggregates your social media content in one place (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, your blog...), is off to an unbelievable start since its public launch on Feb. 20.

Here are some photos from the launch event (thank you Alison Narro!) that I pulled off, with the help of my professional event planner mother and the incredible Icon team.

Check out http://icon.me and claim your Icon now! It takes only minutes to create a sleek and professional profile.  You'll love.

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