Gail's Bakery at Portobello Road (London)

IMG_0210Notting Hill, the location of our dainty bed and breakfast, houses the well-known Portobello Market on weekend mornings with vendors and storefronts galore for every type of shopper.

The four of us spent Saturday morning roaming and admiring the clothing, china and antiques, and pastel buildings, but one little bakery caught our eye: Gail's.

The sign outside reads: "Grab a lovely warming breakfast inside." How can you pass that up?


So on Sunday morning, we ventured back to Gail's and beat the crowd at around 9:30 am. I was in disbelief at the eye-opening selection but very content with our choices.


Hannah and Mel ordered the porridge with blueberry compote. How perfect for London, right? I don't think I can even say porridge without a British accent...

Molly's "dense" scone was delicious. Served with butter and jam, of course.

I tried the organic Greek yogurt with homemade granola and blackberry compote. The granola, which I should've bought more of, had whole, sugared almonds and macadamia nuts with fruit and oat clusters. I could taste the honey in every spoonful.


Then, I realized I hadn't had eggs since Memphis, which is actually a VERY long time for an egg-lover like me. I went back up and ordered a side of two fried eggs. Doesn't the sprig of rosemary make it cute?

To drink, I had the cappuccino, Mel had the macchiato, Hannah had the latte, and Molly had fresh squeezed orange juice. All were presented beautifully - Hannah's foam was shaped in a heart.

Gail's provided a delightful final brunch in London. I wanted to stay for lunch to try one of these smoked salmon/avocado guys! Next time, I'm positive I will.