District Donuts (New Orleans)

It's brisk mornings like these when I wish I could bundle up and take a quick drive over to District Donuts for a cup of iced coffee and an "extra fancy" wedding cake donut. Or it's the rare worry-free afternoon I had yesterday (on our snow day -- insane, I know) when I craved a brew on tap with a shrimp slider loaded with cucumbers and jalepeños. If only New Orleans wasn't an eight-hour drive away, because this "donuts-sliders-brew" joint is surely one-of-a-kind.

On New Years morning, Alex, Hannah and I munched on a fantastic first meal of 2014 at District. I needed caffeine to get me through the gloomy drive back to Memphis, so an iced soy coffee was in order while we waited for sliders to arrive. I took a homemade cheddar biscuit to-go for the drive -- it's typical, though, that I ate the entire buttery delight before we even crossed over the Louisiana-Mississippi border...

The sizzling sliders, made-to-order, were the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand. Two was plenty for me and Hannah, but Alex went for three types and was equally satisfied! I tried the renowned fried chicken slider and the special fried shrimp slider that cleverly outdid a classic po' boy. My only misgiving was in the chicken slider -- I bit into a small bone, unaware that I was being served a dark meat thigh instead of white meat breast. But alas, I finished it anyway (including the awesome cole slaw) without regretting my order!
District's concept is brilliant, taking three of America's favorite food/drink items and adding original style in every direction. The new spot has quickly become a hot spot! I'm looking forward to my next trip down to the Big Easy during Mardi Gras. I'll be sure to make that Magazine Street pitstop again, too.