Garbo's Lobster (Austin)

Lobster is a luxury -- we all concur. But when a state-of-the-art Maine lobster roll comes (or drives) your way for only $15, you drop everything and straight-up go for it. 

Garbo's has got it going on. 
Its tagline -- "From boat to bun"(so cute, I melted) -- and its fancy website make your mouth water instantaneously. The site shows the truck's location, which differs daily, and provides a map for super easy tracking. Hannah and I decided to go last Sunday where Garbo's would be parked at the Barton Creek Farmers Market. What a great vibe to that Austin market! Who wouldn't want to enjoy a lobster roll in the sun at a purple picnic table with live music in the background? It was perfection.
A limited but ample menu describes two styles: Connecticut and Maine. Also known as hot versus cold. Salad-styled versus simply buttery. Hannah and I agreed to try both and decide which we liked better. To be honest, they're both great but completely different. I preferred the warm, buttery Connecticut style with lemon and soft bun. It highlighted lobster for its pure goodness with no distractions. The Maine was fabulous too with very light mayo and chives, but I didn't appreciate it as much. One woman to the right of me was hands-down all about the Maine, and another man insisted on Connecticut.
My point? They both rock. It just depends on the flavor you're looking for. And luckily, Garbo's provides both! I can't wait to bring back more friends and keep the lobster craze going!