Sugarfina + Lemonade (LA)

Happy New Year, everyone! I could not be more excited for 2014...a year of celebrations and big moves post-college. I hope you will follow my future adventures and endeavors through the blog. But, even more so, I hope you have a fabulous year yourself! I'm gathering my resolutions to share with you soon; my trip to Cambodia on Sunday (ahh!) will absolutely open my eyes to a more worldly perspective on my present environment and future expectations.
My family trip to Los Angeles was wonderful. No celebrity sightings somehow (typical...), but many restaurants to share with you! Below are two top picks for afternoon snack pick-me-ups. Both colorful and sweet, Lemonade and Sugarfina will satisfy your sweet tooth and put you in a trendy, feel-good state of mind almost instantly.


Lemonade's setting on Larchmont (although there are many locations throughout the city) quickly became my favorite strip in Los Angeles. Quaint, colorful and quiet, the street highlights boutiques and bakeries that elevate your mind to pure euphoria, even during a quick stroll. We enjoyed all four lemonade flavors (original, Arnold Palmer, blueberry mint, and cucumber mint), although the cucumber was surprisingly way too strong for my liking. The coconut cake rocked. We also nibbled on a rice krispie treat with peanut butter and chocolate layers, which I successfully mocked during my high school reunion gathering in Memphis last night (recipe to be shared soon!). If you're craving more savory, Lemonade also showcases cafeteria-style salads and sides that a foodie would drool over.


When I read the words "Candy Concierge" in the back left corner of the Beverly Hills Sugarfina, I knew I had stepped in heaven. Not only does Sugarfina create top quality candies with ingredients from around the world, but the creative shapes and packaging make these sweets a take-home treasure. We died over the white chocolate almonds shaped as martini olives, and the martini shaker bonus packaging was unlike anything I had ever seen in the confectionary world. I was impressed. Stop by Sugarfina for a candy or two while walking through Rodeo Drive!