A New Look


Welcome to a new look. A fresh approach. A pure aesthetic. I have been dying to share my new redesign and (much easier to remember) URL with all of you. It's been in the works for months, and I am thrilled with the final product. I sought to create a site that metaphorically serves as your breath of fresh air in the morning -- clean lines, fluid formatting, and easy-to-follow facets.

I encourage you to explore, but here are a few little details I don't want you to miss...

  • RECIPES: If you click on the header, "Recipes," you will see a categorical and alphabetical index, as you saw in the last version. However, the new drop-down categories allow a more visual, focused experience for you to browse and choose.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS: Look to your right, and you'll see my social media buttons to lead you to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Follow me for foodie-filled details.
  • CONTACT: Directly email me rather than open your account elsewhere and reach out! ...Although you're more than welcome to share your thoughts at cara.greenstein@gmail.com.

So. . .what do you think?! I'd love your thoughts!

featured image by cannelle et vanille