Hillside Farmacy II (Austin)


IMG_5520The quaint Eastside café and local grocer, Hillside Farmacy, has remained at the top of my list since my discovery almost two years ago. Its whimsical brunch was one of my very first caramelized critiques, so here is my chance to step up the review and showcase a casual weekday lunch that you and your friends will adore. Before I share my lunch picks, I must let you in on the trendy game-changer during this particular trip out East. Rather than scrambling for my credit card in my bottomless tote, I used my new fave foodie app called Tabbed Out, a mobile payment solution that  seamlessly improves your dining experience from start to finish. With one click, you can pay your tab and add gratuity -- no need to grab a pen or calculate an appropriate tip. It's brilliant, savvy and time-saving. Download it now!


Now that the app is on your smartphone, let's talk what I ordered on my tab. The fresh shucked oysters, which change daily, are some of the best in the city. The homemade cucumber relish is a topping I wish more restaurants provided. Its mild and refreshing atop an oyster and offsets the horseradish effortlessly.

While we know I'm not gluten free, my waitress advised us to choose the gluten-free bread for our traditional grilled cheese any way! The local bread is light and fluffy, fully loaded with sharp cheddar and ripe tomato slices. I enjoyed the tangy cabbage side, too.

Hillside, you do very well. And lesson learned: TabbedOut is the way to go during these caramelized critiques!