Noble Sandwich Co. (Austin)


IMG_6434 In an effort to eat more healthily during a mid-day lunch outing, I tend to steer clear of heavy sandwiches and, instead, choose a salad. A gorgeous salad ignites the feeling of, "Yes Cara! You ate your veggies and do not need to feel guilty....until dinner!" But obviously, there are few exceptions to this choice of mine. I have a fairly high standard of sandwich options that beat the leafy lunch while avoiding pangs of guilt.

Meet the Noble Sandwich Company.

High-quality ingredients, fresh breads and rich flavor combinations inspire this restaurant's attempt at mastering the art of sandwich making. I believe these guys have it pretty down pat. The 15-person line out the door of the Burnet location proves this true...wouldn't you say?


Jennifer and I ordered with much deliberation (as always), and we found ourselves waiting in an adorable picnic table area on the back patio. We sipped Topo Chicos in the sunshine, anticipating our sandwiches and hoping they were worth it. It = calories.

My Knuckle Sandwich arrived on a lightly toasted hoagie, piled with roast beef, horseradish, caramelized onions, and cheddar. I accidentally ignored the au jus on the side, which would have basically identified this sandwich as a glorified Philly Cheesesteak. Much better than most cheesesteaks, obviously.


Jennifer's Thai Chicken sandwich was ideal for the non-red-meat persona. The flavor was bold. The bread was toasty and fluffy. The jalapeño cabbage slaw (which I ordered separately as a side) provided crunch and color. Both of us would have substituted the potato chip side, had we known they came with our sandwiches. I've heard their housemade fresh pickles are a winner!

Friends, here me out: Save the salad for another day and bite into a Noble Sandwich. It's well worth it; in fact, you'll feel more guilty for missing out on the indulgent opportunity.