Rose Bros. Soda Fountain (Rosemary Beach)

Fall break is soon arriving for the Memphis school scene -- are any of you traveling to Santa Rosa Beach? Watercolor or Rosemary, perhaps? I somehow I have yet to share the cozy new diner I tried this past summer in Rosemary Beach, Rose Brothers Soda Fountain. Unlike most trendy spots that try to out-do the good 'ole American hot dog and fries, the simple classics are celebrated in this far nook of the central neighborhood square. It's perfect for the whole family, the picky eater, and the burger expert -- all will be wowed by the speedy service and hit-the-spot taste. In fact, if you're not into the diner menu, a cup of coffee or malted milkshake would bookmark your vacation day routine nicely.


Don't be mistaken by the crimped french fries that resemble packaging from the freezer section. These were piping hot, crispy, and accompanied a buttery bun with grilled portabello mushroom slices and swiss cheese. The homemade lemonade didn't hurt either.

Rose Brothers doesn't serve you as you may expect. . .you're handed a 1-inch laminated card with an iconic American character typed across the front.

Mine was The Fonz. The 50-year-old male next to me was Lindsay Lohan.

And do not think you can hide your Rose Bros. identity, as the server will shamelessly yell out the name on the card until you shyly raise your hand for the rest of the diner to see. Quite humorous and very memorable.