St. James Cheese Company (New Orleans)

In case you were not aware, cheese is essentially one of my favorite creations on this earth. I managed to live on it (with a baguette) throughout my summer in Paris, and I could definitely manage living on it (with traditional accompaniments, of course) if ever stranded on a deserted island. When introduced to St. James Cheese Company last weekend in New Orleans, I quickly reconfirmed my love for the food group. IMG_2405

The Uptown restaurant, which takes orders at the quaint counter, lined up regulars against the overwhelmingly wonderful cheese displays and counters. I couldn't fathom the variety; but I loved it! Local and regional jams, honey, cheese boards, crackers, spices, and olives filled the walls. A large chalkboard describes the menu in its entirety...The Croque Monster and macaroni and cheese sounded out of this world, but I needed lighter fare to get me through the New Orleans weekend.



I ordered the parmesan reggiano salad with artichokes hearts, scrumptious black olives, Fra Mani salami, walnuts, dijon vinaigrette, and plenty of parmesan. The portion was mighty generous. If St. James were situated near me, I'd entitle this salad my new "go-to." I don't think I could ever get tired of the desirable flavor combination.


Riley ordered us a cheese board -- I love how St. James simply asks if you'd like three, five, or seven cheeses. We opted for three: a bleu, a brie, and a gouda. And that cherry compote...Perfection.

I typically vow to only try new restaurants in new cities. Here, I am declaring an exception. I will be going back to St. James during my next New Orleans road trip, and I could not be more excited for it!