A Box of Chocolates


"Life is like a box of chocolates." Or, at least, my life is lately. IMG_3052

Tessa, an adorable second-generation chocolatier from my old stomping grounds of Austin, has an eye for style and a taste for artisanal authenticity. The recipe, the family ties, the packaging, and the hand-scripted notes collectively create a refreshing brand. Perhaps it's my public relations mouth talking, but I am so impressed with Tessa's ability to merge old tradition with a modern, fresh face. I don't even know Tessa personally, but I can align with her approach as I click through the classic Chocolaterie Tessa site and break off a bite of a salted caramel milk chocolate.


The chocolates are miraculously so tiny yet so detailed. I loved the heart flourish in my box, which I'm sure is a holiday-themed move.

I know I am not the only one who fears biting into an unexpected, non-labeled chocolate (gooey colored jam, no thank you). Tessa relieves that fear factor instantly! Though she doesn't label her individual squares, the curated package celebrates the beauty of chocolate in its purest form. A few nutty and fruity flavors will be unveiled; but don't worry, you're getting plenty of ganache and truffle, too.

With only a little over a week before Valentine's Day, I urge you to order online now! My Memphis delivery arrived in a few short days, and I'm still savoring the last few chocolates. Tell Tessa that Caramelized sent you!