Brie Mine


IMG_3149 I was first inspired by the cheesy emphasis (get it?) on Valentine's Day when I stumbled upon a clever "Brie Mine" card last year at Paper Source in Austin. Though I would have rather been the recipient than the giver of such an appropriate tagline, I bought it anyway and signed it for Alex.

I'm planning a date night in next weekend, and we never fail to begin with a cheese board of some sorts. This time, I'm all about the sweet simplicity of a cheese and honey pairing. Step aside, jams and jellies: We're relying on just a tiny drizzle of irresistible Nature Nate's honey to complement the salty nature of cheese.

The following cheeses and honey are perfect pairs for you and your Valentine's date -- who I am sure make a perfect pair, as well.


Parmigiano-Reggiano: The nutty overtones of this classic don't just go with pasta (though I can't wait to sprinkle some over my Gremelli pasta from Porcellino's). Ditch the cracker, break off a bite of the firm block of cheese, and add a dot of honey for a flavorful combination.

Blue: The stinky and bold blues surprisingly contrast nicely with a clover honey. It'll cut out the spice and sharpness that cause most to turn their heads. Be bold this Valentine's, right?

Creamy bries and goat cheese: These are a given. Supplemented honey with a hint of orange or lemon zest, you'll be tempted to eat it for appetizers, main courses, and dessert!


Now, get yourself some Nature Nate's raw honey and enjoy the romantic, sweet holiday. Share your own Nature Nate’s honey creations on social media using @naturenates and the hashtag #HoneyMakesItBetter.

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