Vietnamese Spring Roll Party


image It all began in the pedicure chair. My friend (and pedicurist) Kathy and I were not discussing gossip or boyfriends, but rather the science behind perfect peanut sauce. I simply couldn't master it. Hoisin, peanut butter and sugar were all it took; yet the ratios were not in my favor during each kitchen trial.

Saturday morning, Kathy surprised me with a homemade batch of her peanut sauce, which, yes, was fantastic. I went to Fresh Market soon after for spring roll ingredients and invited a few friends over for the fun. Both the set-up and finished product were ideal for small gatherings. Spring rolls are creative, customizable, colorful, healthy...Need I say more?


What you'll need:

Rice paper Boiled shrimp, butterflied Thinly sliced sashimi tuna Lump crab meat Sliced avocado Sliced cucumber Basil leaves Carrots Udon or vermicelli noodles Peanut sauce, for dipping

1. Fill a casserole dish with warm water and place directly next to a large cutting board. Carefully add one rice paper round to the dish, pressing gently to soften the textured ridges.

2. Carefully remove rice paper from dish after 15 seconds. Begin with a small handful of noodles in the center of the rice paper round. Add 3 butterflied shrimp slices, 1 slice of tuna, and a tablespoon of crab. Then, layer cucumber, 2 avocado slices, and carrots. Customize as you wish!

3. Fold in right and left sides first, then roll tightly. Serve at room temperature (or chilled) with peanut sauce.

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