End the Year with a Bang

I feel like I blinked, and an entire year passed. From a new home (purchase!) and its exciting national features...to local recognition as the "best of" blogger...to trips from Mexico and Cali to New York and New Orleans...to kitchen tours and workshops and intimate gatherings...It's surreal, truly. I have never been more ready to pause, clink the champagne flutes on Thursday evening with my very favorite people in the world, and celebrate the year ahead.

My Caramelized goals for 2016 have been written, and they range from advancing my culinary skill-set (hello, bouillabaisse) to featuring more Caramelized "conversations" and field guides. It's a challenge, but it's a worthwhile one. But for now, before we get back to work and begin our anticipated efforts of resolutions, let's sit back and enjoy the final two days of 2015...

1. Reminisce and reflect over sparkling wine and good company. 

2. Eat a donut, and don't feel guilty. (image source)


3. Treat yourself and your friends to brunch.

4. Read something fulfilling. (image source)

5. Write something fulfilling.