Even S'more Thankful

As soon as November approaches, my sweet tooth surges. From cookie swaps to sugary cocktails and every bite in between, it's inevitably the holiday frame of mind. And though pie is a Thanksgiving and Christmas staple, I challenge you to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor wintry scenery and build a fire pit for holiday-style s’mores.

S’mores receive a sophisticated makeover just in time for Thanksgiving with coveted favors of pumpkin and spice.

Oversized marshmallows and gourmet dark chocolate should make their typical and appreciated appearance, but surprise additions of a pumpkin butter spread and a gingersnap substitute for graham crackers will elevate the occasion entirely!

Set up a spread for guests to gather their own and roast marshmallows in a relaxed, cozy environment. Don't forget to spread the pumpkin butter on both cookies before sandwiching the dark chocolate.

Enjoy the season with those you hold dear.

This post originally appeared on StyleBlueprint. Photography by Micki Martin.