Even S'more Thankful

As soon as November approaches, my sweet tooth surges. From cookie swaps to sugary cocktails and every bite in between, the holiday frame of mind is essentially ever-present, and my excuses to turn down dessert manage to escape me...Who's with me?

Though pies of every kind make a staple appearance at both the Thanksgiving and Christmas table, I challenge you to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor wintry scenery and, rather than cramp the remaining oven space, build a fire pit in the backyard for holiday-style s’mores. 

This s’mores lineup receives a sophisticated makeover just in time for Thanksgiving with coveted favors of pumpkin and spice. Oversized marshmallows and gourmet dark chocolate provide both an expected and appreciated appearance, but surprise additions of a pumpkin butter spread and a gingersnap substitute for graham crackers add an extra sense of the season.  Don't forget to spread the pumpkin butter on both traditional gingersnap cookies before sandwiching the dark chocolate.

Interactive and engaging for every generation at the Thanksgiving table, set up your spread for guests to roast marshmallows in a relaxed environment. To add an extra coziness, roll a half-dozen or so fleece blankets at the back door to wrap any frigid family members while they assemble their dessert.

Enjoy the season s'more with those you hold dear.

Photography by Micki Martin.

Serves 12

30 gingersnaps (in case a few break in transit!)
1 package oversized marshmallows
12 bars of dark chocolate
2 jars pumpkin butter spread (available at your local grocery store)

1. Spread a spoonful of pumpkin butter evenly on the underside of each gingersnap. Break a square of chocolate and place in the center of one gingersnap.

2. Roast marshmallow on a skewer to your preferred degree of "toast" temperature, and immediately place onto the other gingersnap while simultaneously sandwiching the marshmallow with the chocolate half. Serve immediately.