Thanksgiving, The Morning After

Some might argue, but I oblige with Bon Appetit's statement in their recent issue: "Thanksgiving may be the only holiday where the afterparty is more fun than the main event."

I am typically not a leftovers fan. Though freezing homemade sauces, pastas and rosé cubes are a definite to-do, I mostly cringe at the sight of wilted greens in tupperware or fried-out proteins and starches on my refrigerator shelves. Instead of that site, I prefer to stock enough fresh produce that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes after work.

Here's the exception: the morning after the Thanksgiving feast. That craveable Friday epitomizes lackadaisical leisure -- no one is jumping out of bed to go to the grocery or pile another enormous plate. I like to wake on my own time (that's right, no alarms), brew some coffee, and cozy up on the couch with family. When it's time to eat -- yes, already -- I take the best of the leftovers from Thanksgiving day and put a twist on traditional breakfast dishes. It's quick; it's creative; it's #MyHolidayTradish, thanks to Whole Foods Market.


Place leftover stuffing cubes in a small cast-iron skillet. Add a teaspoon of butter and bake at 300 degrees until re-crisped and golden. Meanwhile, fry and egg to top the skillet.


Combine 2 cups of leftover mashed potatoes (russet or sweet) with an egg, whole wheat flour, fine cheddar cheese, and some garlic. Preheat an oiled skillet and fry pancakes in batches. Brown both sides. Serve stacked and hot.


Prepare your omelet per usual, though add shredded turkey, fresh thyme and caramelized onions for a Thanksgiving-style palate.


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