Setting the Supper Club Table


A meal is nourished by its menu, and it's made memorable through its accompaniments. I truly believe that when a table is set, the depth of conversations grow deeper, the flavors taste extra fulfilling, and the nights mozy on for just a bit longer.  


This month, with your Caramelized Supper Club contents in hand, your everyday kitchen table or rarely-touched formal dining room will receive an upgrade.

Let's make an Instagram-worthy #caramelizedsupperclub table spread, shall we?

Begin in the middle

A centerpiece should not be overlooked, but it should neither be overdone. For this rustic winter supper, I recommend setting the foundation with a loose linen runner over your raw wood dining room table. If you need to cover a card table or messy tabletop, feel free to drape yours with a white cloth.

Next, take your provided purple votives, and sprinkle in an asymmetrical array. You can alternate with white taper candles to create a sense of height, if desired.

Weave greenery branches through the candles, creating a lush center. I especially love Eucalyptus and Dusty Millers this time of year. You can even grab some floral scissors and snip a few branches from your front yard! A magnolia tree makes for perfect last-minute green luxury.



I like to create a sense of "place" for each guest through a placemat -- in this case, I use these linen placemats and napkins for a neutral base.

White ceramic plates allow colors of the menu items to "pop," but an elegant vintage china set on-hand would instantly elevate your #caramelizedsupperclub experience! Frame each plate with a set of silver or gold flatware, and grace the spot with a hammered copper tumbler and wine glass.

Next, center your provided hand-cut birch place card holder (you can order more here if needed!) above each plate. Write the names of each guest on provided place cards. If free-handing intimidates, visit Magpie Paperworks for downloadable hand calligraphy fonts. Print on paper, cut, and place in provided holders.

Lastly, use provided aubergine silk ribbon to wrap napkins, or add a twig of greenery, if preferred. You can even wrap the fork and knife in a silk ribbon knot atop the napkin!


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