Dim Sum Supper Club Wine Pairings

Pairings and descriptions by sommelier Brian Herrera of Kirby Wines & Liquors:

SAKE | Dassai 50 Otterfest Junmai Daiginjo

Named for a local haiku poet, it is creamy and bright, with almost overripe but beautiful aromas of banana and pineapple. The sake is chewy and mouth-filling with perfectly balanced acidity, but gorgeous and silky. Quality in sake comes not just from the hands of the master, but in the polishing of the rice. So daiginjo, the best quality, is polished at a minimum to 50%. This company really revolutionized the sake world when, in the early 90s, they polished to an astonishing 23%, discarding the rest. Talk about attention to detail!

WHITE | Treana 2014 Blanc (Central Coast)

An elegant blend from the Hope family. At 45% Viognier, lavish aromas of guava, honeysuckle and orange blossom leap from the glass. In the mouth it is subtle and silky, buoyed by great mouth-filling acidity. This wine is truly a joy to behold.

RED | Alto Moncayo 2013 Veraton Garnacha

From vines at a minimum of 50 years old, this balsamic-y power is ripe and fat. Dripping in deep purple goodness, it moves from black fruits to chocolate to licorice, to earth and herb. Supple yet intense, the flavors seem to linger and linger.