Rice Paper Spring Rolls


Nothing screams "SPRING" like a fresh rice paper spring roll! These bites culminate color, crunch, and customized fun for your supper club guests. If you prefer to make a spread prior to their arrival, go ahead and mix and match your fillings to reflect both seafood and vegetarian options. Cut each roll in half and playfully rest them on a white tray with Bibb lettuce leaves. 

However, I encourage you to get your guests involved, too! Spread the prepped ingredients on a few cutting boards in the kitchen area, and offer a tutorial on how to properly prepare a spring roll. Then, let all hands loose! You'll be amazed at the creations your friends and loved ones comprise.

Share your spring roll combinations with #caramelizedsupperclub tagged photos.

Makes 12 spring rolls

12 rice paper sheets
1 pound boiled shrimp, butterflied
1 package crabstick
1 avocado, sliced
1 cucumber, sliced into thin strips
1 mango, cored and sliced into thin strips
Shredded carrots
Shredded cabbage
Bibb lettuce
Fresh basil

1. Fill a casserole dish with warm water and place directly next to a large cutting board. Carefully add one rice paper round to the dish, pressing gently to soften the textured ridges.

2. Carefully remove rice paper from dish after 15 seconds. Begin with a small handful of cucumber slices in the center of the rice paper round. Add 3 butterflied shrimp slices or a few slices of crabstick. Then, layer away with veggies and herbs. For example, I add 2 avocado slices, carrots, mango, and basil. Customize as you wish!

3. Fold in right and left sides first, then roll tightly. Dip sharp knife in warm water and slice each spring roll in half. Serve at room temperature (or chilled) in provided bamboo boats. with Preservation & Co. Sriracha.