Watercolor Succulent Place Cards


If you think you've found the cutest place card idea, think again. This one wins.

A DIY that initially appears daunting, this watercolor place card craft utilizes your Caramelized Supper Club contents in a seamless process.

The morning before your brunch, take 10 minutes (tops) to paint your provided watercolor paper cards. A fifth card is provided in case of a mess-up! Allow the paint to dry overnight. While your doughnuts are baking, calligraphy your guests names on each. Pop in a provided succulent.

Scroll for step-by-step instructions!

Makes 4 place cards

4 watercolor cards, measured 1.5x2.75"
1 piece of white paper, for practice (optional)
Watercolor brush
Light blue/turquoise watercolor paint
Black calligraphy pen
4 succulent cuttings, measured 1.5"


1. Fill a small cup with room temperature water. Place watercolor paint pod on a paper towel. Wet watercolor brush and mix in paint pod. The more water, the lighter the strokes! Practice on a piece of white paper first to ensure the color is appropriate to your liking.

2. Paint each watercolor place card with unique brush strokes and gradiant patterns. Feel free to paint the back side, too; simply stand up the cards in a holder to dry.

3. Allow paint to dry overnight.

4. Use calligraphy pen to write guest's name on each place card. Weave card in a succulent, and place atop a Caramelized Supper Club place setting.

5. Allow your guests to take home their succulent to replant and repurpose!