A #CaramelizedPup Grooming at Brown Dog Lodge


Sawyer Shindler, our five-month-old Sheepadoodle puppy, has seriously stolen our hearts since he arrived this summer. The rapid pace of his growth is a bit alarming for our tiny Tennessee townhome, considering he's slated to exceed 75 pounds of fluff once he's full-grown. Nonetheless, the upkeep has been manageable and wildly entertaining. And thanks to Brown Dog Lodge's impeccable grooming services, Sawyer is considered the most popular pup from Shelby Farms Park out East to Big River Crossing on the Mississippi River!


Brown Dog Lodge's phone booking process was seamless; and since I live downtown, I coordinated an early morning drop-off with plenty of time to grab a cup of Porcellino's coffee around the corner. Upon pulling into the Lodge's lot, a greeter arrived at my car door to welcome me and Sawyer and show us to the front door. An easy check-in, a welcoming staff, and a happy puppy collectively eased my work morning instantly. When I picked up Sawyer later that day, he was ready to pose in a bright bandana and a perfectly trimmed fluffy coat. We joked that Stevi, our Lodge groomer, adds in modeling training to the suite of services, as Sawyer had never before sat still for a Caramelized picture!!

Alex and I are so thrilled to have a partner for Sawyer's puppy years and beyond -- once he's a bit older, we'll be utilizing Brown Dog Lodge's boarding services for a #caramelizedpup staycation while Alex and I travel! Look out for more puppy pics on Instagram; and check out Brown Dog Lodge if you're a dog owner in need of a trustworthy grooming, daycare and boarding partner!


This post is sponsored by Brown Dog Lodge, though all opinions are our own. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!