A Reorganizing Resolution (and Decluttering Revolution)


I consider myself a fairly organized and well-kept individual.

It wasn’t until I was reaching three feet back into my “pantry” — a one-cabinet IKEA space that hosts every dry good from pasta to canned tomatoes to crackers and brown sugar — that I paused and thought to myself, “this is simply not the way to operate.” Sure, the small size of our townhome has established parameters for what can fit versus not (I am not a member of Costco because bulk doesn’t work at this phase of our lives, ha!). But the efficiencies across our kitchen shelving simply did not exist.

That’s when I called the dynamic duo behind Blue Pencil Home, Katie and Brooke, to bring a robust resolution to my 2019 mindset.

Whether you need to declutter or downsize, reorganize or relocate, Blue Pencil Home is your go-to source for a stress-free job. The process was seamless: First, Katie and Brooke popped in to see the current situation through a complimentary consultation. They measured drawers, got a sense for what they were working with, and took notes for some new organizational needs such as jars, drawers or liners.

Their rate is $125/hour for a duo of organizers or $175/hour for three. And trust me — they are all hands on deck!! You’ll also pre-approve and pay for the materials that contribute to your new look. For example, the most darling copper-topped spice jars from Target reimagined my once out-of-hand spice cabinet. And these brilliant pan dividers provided a new way to locate the right size for sautéing (versus stacking 6-8 pans on top of one another).


I also was super impressed with Brooke and Katie’s power tool talents (no joke!)!! IKEA discontinued the shelving unit in our townhome, so they sawed new shelves for multiple cabinets, a total game-changer for our various sets of dishes, glasses, and pantry goods. Now, with a couple new shelves that Brooke and Katie strategically measured, we have a beautiful set-up for categories of dried goods in labeled clear shelves, from soups to nut butters to breakfast.

The best part of it all — After letting the ladies into our house early on a Monday morning, I went back to the office and left them to work their magic with total trust! I felt like I was on an HGTV show coming home at 4 p.m. to the reveal — a completely reimagined space that took into account our priorities, problems and desires!

Keep scrolling and envisioning how Blue Pencil Home can help you achieve your news years’ resolution.

Photos by Christen Jones


This post is in partnership with Blue Pencil Home. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!