How to Style Your Shelves


Spring is finally here! As I type this narrative, the birds are chirping and the sun is streaming through our floor-to-ceiling window. This time of year is so pure and delightful; it’s the small window of time when any and everyone is fully appreciative of a new season (before we begin to take it for granted with rain showers and bugs). Nonetheless, I wanted to bring the purity and brightness of this time of year into our home with an interior refresh.

Shifting your color palette indoors doesn’t need to be substantial; we’re talking a few accessories here and there! I encourage you to begin with a series of shelves—whether floating shelves or a bookcase—and shake it up a bit. I stopped into Bella Vita for a handful of muted spring-colored pieces to pair with my current home style. Watch our video and follow the steps below to bring yours to life! If you do, tag us on Instagram!

My steps to style:

  1. Begin with a sturdy base.

    Three empty, symmetrical shelves can be super intimidating. I always start a styling project with an anchor, against which all other elements can balance. The Etta B handmade pottery “canoe” dish, centered on the bottom shelf, creates an immediate first step for angling and assembling other accessories. Play with the angles—if you desire to off-center your base, just space off of it!

  2. Mismatch shapes and spacing.

    The canoe dish prompted my desire for differences in height and shape. I selected a series of vases and a square painting from Bella Vita’s fine art collection.

  3. Balance light and dark.

    I love contrasting a typically light/white color palette in my home with various stains and shades of wood. Cheese boards, trivets and bowls displayed in different directions adds a visual balance.

  4. Cluster sets of different sizes.

    A series of canisters, vases or glass cloches that can be ordered in sets of different sizes is a natural way to grow the height of your display.

  5. Stack your favorite reads.

    Take your coffee table books to new heights with a series of book stacks in varying colors and sizes. I opted to pale hues (go figure), but a book bind comprises a perfect punch of color without taking up too much surface area.

  6. Layer, layer, layer.

    Don’t leave your books lonely — add a vase of set of bowls or ramekins, or even a candle atop each bundle of books!

  7. Fill with extra flourishes.

    If you’re feeling *extra* (and we won’t judge), add flowers or filler to your dishes or vases! I love swapping them out based on the season via color or style.


This post is brought to you by Bella Vita. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!