Setting the Spring Supper Club Table


Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine (particularly Cantonese but also other varieties) prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Thus, with bite sized presentations, a dim sum display must be approachable to your guests. A large central space -- in this case, I enjoy using my coffee table with cushions and floor pillows -- will offer easy access to the dumplings, spring rolls and garnishes.

Center your serving pieces (a sense of levels/height creates a weighted foundation across the table), and scatter provided bamboo boats for guests to pick up and pile with your culinary creations. Prepare small white bowls of soy, chili paste and provided Preservation & Co. Capitol Sriracha for dipping décor. Let the seasonal hues of the toppings grow your color palette — I especially love a pop of avocado green or ahi tuna red among the spread.

The bamboo boats let guests build up their bites — and a personalized set of provided chopsticks creates just the right sense of place.


Don't forget about the florals, too! These springy purple fritallaria surround the matcha dessert station with a pastel purpose, and deep red Mokara orchids bring out the deeper hues of sriracha and salmon, bamboo and soy. Style the blooms in sake bottle-inspired vases. Ours were provided by a beloved Memphis floral shop, The Garden District.

For an extra romantic touch, add candle votives and white hemstitch linen napkins to the mix.

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