This Is 27


I reflect on the final day of my twenty-sixth year on my friend’s couch, laptop in tow, Sawyer by my side, while my husband and friends obsess over the series finale of Game of Thrones in the media room next-door. I represent 2% of Americans (or so it feels) who aren’t watching the fantastical fanfare; and though I usually suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), I will instead reminisce and recharge for 27!

Frankly, it feels like last week that I wrote my birthday self-care resolutions for my 26th birthday. But alas, another year has flown, and here we are.

I feel inspired about the undiscovered potential of a new year of life just waiting to unfold. I also feel a sense of calm that I don’t recall feeling before on a birthday eve. I’m naturally always yearning and dreaming and proactively seeking the next step; the next sign or milestone or movement for my career and family.

But for once, today, I am still — I look around, beyond grateful for this beautiful situation Alex and I are building for ourselves, and I am satisfied. I don’t know what’s next, but for year 27, I strive to find comfort in the uncertainty.

There is so much to see, improve upon, enhance, learn from, and grow — so this year, I will focus on continuing to soak up every experience and opportunity without doubt or insecurity. Let’s live (fully) through each situation placed upon our path without a need to question, restart, uproot, or undo. We can’t project or control every element of complex work or industry environments, family life or culture at-large, but we can choose to act with confidence and composure. We’ve got this.

This is 27.