The Mojito

I was first introduced to the precious Thuyvi Vo through Madewell's co-hosted Caramelized holiday shopping night. She's the store director by day and the watercolor artist extraordinaire behind Dear Sir Paper Co. by night. I'm so drawn to Thuyvi's collection of prints, calendars and greeting cards, primarily because of her minimalist style and attention to detail. A "you're grate" card with painted cheese grater image is my favorite Dear Sir keepsake thus far. I believe it'll remain a greeting card to myself. After a coffee date at Cafe Keough, we conspired to stir up some cocktail recipes beyond the point-and-shoot perspective. Thuyvi's hand lettering and painted ingredient array introduce a fresh, curated approach to some of our essential seasonal beverages. What do you think?


The first? A mojito. Coincidentally, Thuyvi and I are boarding varying cruise ships this upcoming Saturday for quick trips to paradise. Despite chilling temps, I can already feel the exposed Caribbean spirit! So whether you'll sip yours beach-side on Spring break or fire-side at home, jot down these ingredients and mix away.

Oh, and if you're interested in a printed version of Thuyvi's cocktail cards (I'm envisioning bar cart art or kitchen art series!), comment on this post or send me a note! We'd love to share these with you in-person.


Makes 1 cocktail

1/2 ounce mint syrup (see recipe below) 2 ounces white rum 1 ounce fresh lime juice, plus spent lime half Crushed ice 2 ounces chilled soda water 1 bunch fresh spearmint, for garnish

1. Place mint syrup in a chilled pint glass. Add the rum, lime juice, and spent lime half.

2. Fill glass with crushed ice and finish with the soda water and spearmint. Serve with a straw.

Mint syrup:

12 ounces water 12 ounces sugar 5 large fresh mint sprigs

1. Gently heat the sugar and water while stirring to dissolve the sugar, and promptly remove from the heat once all the sugar is dissolved. Let the simple syrup cool to room temperature.

2. Blend the mint leaves and simple syrup in a blender for 1 minute. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth, pour into a bottle, and refrigerate; it will keep for about 1 month. You'll have enough syrup for 12 drinks.

adapted from food52