Fortune Table Talk

One of the largest goals of the Caramelized Supper Club vision has been to create a memorable platform for authentic gatherings. Face-to-face communication is dwindling as our schedules and social media feeds become more and more flooded; however, we must all put in the extra effort to create experiences for meaningful conversations. I hope the #caramelizedsupperclub has become an outlet for that dialogue.

Your Supper Club invitees will be dreamy dinner guests, I am sure; but why not offer a supplement to the usual dinner talk scope?

In accordance with our March Dim Sum spread, I put a twist on the typical post-Chinese cuisine meal fortune cookie. Your Caramelized Supper Club box features a mini bamboo starter with ten engaging, future-oriented conversation-starters. No need to be overwhelmed by the topics; use them as a fuel for flexibility in dialogue. Once you go through the ten, encourage guests to ask each other or write down a new series of questions on the back-side of each "fortune" paper slip!